Friday, February 15, 2013

Outing and abouting

Had a lovely Valentines day, bright, sunny and warm and a nice lunch at our local restaurant.  They gave us samples of a lovely cheese, made by their friends in the Pyrenees, a good texture, not too strong, unfortunately for me it was made from cows milk so I could only have a teeny corner, but I did enjoy the sample of their home cured ham.  A really nice place to go and just relax.

DS had been busy organising his surprise for his partner in London whilst he was here, she was delighted to be taken to the Royal Albert Hall and then on Valentines day, the London Eye, his surprises certainly hit the mark.

DD is being whisked away to Valencia for a romantic weekend tonight, she so deserves it and I'm looking forward to hearing all about it.

So lovely that they are both outing and abouting and creating some wonderful memories.

We are having friends over tonight for Prawn red thai curry, dahl and I might even try some onion bhaji as I have sourced some gram flour, better crack on and get busy in the kitchen, no time for sewing today

take care



  1. Oh yum, prawn red thai curry! Think I might invite myself to visit - oh darn, too far away. lol.
    Enjoy your evening. Sounds like lots going on with you all.

  2. Great to hear the 'youngsters' are having lots of fun... I'll join Marilyn and come for the curry too!!