Friday, February 22, 2013

Must be the sunshine.....

I decided to have a little spring clean in the kitchen but I am finding the powerful chemicals too much so tried the old bicarb of soda trick by making it up into a paste and applying it. Well it certainly worked on the tiles and grouting, easily removing any sticky residues and bringing back some sparkle. The enamel sink and drainer too came up really well, definately a plus in the cleaning cabinet.

Spent a lovely day with DD, first we headed off to the salon where she was working before everything happened, she wanted to test herself in a normal working environment to assess her fitness, so I was her guinea pig, not that I minded of course.  Over the years throughout her training its always been "Mum can you please," so everything from Reiki, Reflexology, indian head and aromatherapy massage, beauty treatments even ear piercing and hairdressing have all been tried and tested.  Some more enjoyable than others I have to say!  The outcome was a lovely hair do for me and the relisation that it was too soon for her.

Next was lunch, we couldn't decide on anywhere in Javea so decided to return home and go local, (yes again!) having arranged to meet DH there we had a lovely leisurely lunch.  We have a delightful place that we call the mountain terrace, comfy sofa, sheltered with fantastic views into the valley and ofcourse the mountains, so a good old girlie chat finished off the afternoon.

The furries took the opportunity of hogging the sofa, although it is quite rare for 6 of them to be together in one space, not sure where the other two were

Including DH's latest plane, the terraces are ideal for his electric models as he can also go slope soaring.

Oh well best be off, a few chores to do
take care


  1. Oh the black kitty is very much like mine, right down to the stare. They are all gorgeous and look very cosy. At least now your daughter knows not to rush back to doing too much too soon.

  2. Chrissie, I don't like a lot of chemicals and this is the cleaner I make.....

    sounds like you and DD are doing some great things together and I'm sure she appreciates all your support.... Hubz would love to do the planes too... it looks such fun...