Monday, June 20, 2016

Bead spinner in action

Nose to the grind stone again today, in the nicest possible way of course
Finished the gardinia and started another rose.
Fiona asked for a peek at the bead spinner in action so here it is

The main thing is to have plenty of beads in the spinner
and play with the angle of the hook, but it´s amazing how quickly they travel up the wire
I´m using 28 guage which is a little soft but ok for my hands with the fibro

There are many items on Youtube and google that show you how to make your own from a plastic container and dowl, I did make one of these until I was given my turned one. However if you just want to have a play it´s a cheap way of experimenting.

There is a difference between French beaded flowers and Victorian beaded flowers. For the first, all the beads are strung upon a continous wire and wrapped around a base line, where as for the second the beads are stranded across in individual rows, increasing or decreasing as you go. You cannot use the spinner for this
The complicated bit comes when you want to add interest beads i.e. for the centres or edges.

Years ago I found an interesting article on its history
but do you think I can find it.....No, never mind I´m sure it was some ingenius person looking for a quick way to embellish some Tudor´s costume and to incorporate flowers in unseasonal times

Something I find facinating exploring the techniques of yester year with no lighting, and limited resources yet such wonderful and beautiful garments, wall hangings and accessories etc

Still learning and playing and enjoying
but that´s what crafting is all about
take care


  1. Wow, that's so clever. I never knew such things existed.

    1. Certainly makes the slow process quicker xcx

  2. Thank you Chrissie, it's clever how the beads just climb on.... what fun. And such amazing patience you have

    1. If I used a thicker gauge wire I think it would travel further, but it's still easier. Amazing little gadget xcx

  3. An incredible way to string the beads onto the wire! Amazing! The flowers are so beautiful!

  4. Thank you Amy, some of the flowers have 25 components so they do take a time, need to take them to the florist to confirm the finish xcx