Wednesday, June 22, 2016


We had business in Javea yesterday, a large town about 45 minutes away from us.
We finished the first part of the meeting and were asked to return in half an hour, so we wandered along tiny streets only for pedestrians stopping for a coffee and toastada (half a toasted bagette with olive oil, grated tomato and serrano ham)
As we sat there we heard a piper and drummer approaching with people of all ages following.
Now is the time for fiestas and they were starting with San Juan
June, July and August are the main months for the celebrations
Businesses close, deliveries grind to a halt and everything is on a go slow, manana, manana

We finished our business and walked back for the car.
There was a habadashery shop tucked away and I couldn´t resist a little peek
I´m so glad I did, look what I found

5 metres each of the ribbon and one each of the sequins all for 10 euros, brilliant and spot on wedding colours.

The tradition for the fiestas in towns is to decorate the entrance of the home of festeras and those involved in that years activities.  We spotted this one, beautiful

and this

some of the side streets were decorated too

They know how to party
take care



  1. Wonderful how everything is decorated and looking pretty! The fiesta looks as though it was very lively!

    1. These were tiny back streets, the main streets are even more elaborate with full bands, processions fireworks and more xcx

  2. what fun to have all that going on.... except if you are in a hurry for something!!1 haha... great find in the little shop

    1. It can get a bit much at times especially when you want to sleep. Xcx

  3. They certainly do know how to party over here Chrissie!! Alicante City fiesta ;the Hogueras is in full swing. THe trick to last this 4 days fiesta out is a good long siestas daily because there is no sleeping through the night !

    keep well

    Amanda xx

    1. Yes I agree, its so noisy, I do hate those loud bangers. We have our 3 day fiesta beginning of August but they do finish about 3am so we get a little sleep. Enjoy the fun xcx

  4. The fiestas look like so much fun and I love how they decorate the front of the houses. You did well picking up the things at the haberdashery in wedding colours.

  5. Its a great way to get everyone together of all generations. Rebecca pounced on the ribbons, just right for the cake apparently lol xcx

  6. Hi Chrissie lovely pics and what a great find for you ....

  7. Hi Chrissie lovely pics and what a great find for you ....