Sunday, June 19, 2016

French beaded flowers

I mentioned that I was making French beaded flowers for Rebecca´s wedding.  They are rather time consuming and I have already got through 7 reels of wire, so have had to order more. I found some on ebay for a really good price and shipping wasn´t too much either.  I think I shall have to see just how many I can make before deciding on whether they will be just for the bouquet or some of the table decorations. They will be a nice keepsake where ever they get used.

A rose

The flowers are extremely difficult to photograph, hence the videos, these ones have another round to go yet

I will not put leaves on them just yet as it may not be necessary, need to talk to the florist
Small roses
The collection is growing, slowly! but now it seems achieveable rather than daunting
I am lucky enough to have a bead spinner that was turned for me by a friends husband. You make a small hook in the end of the wire put it into the beads and spin and as if by magic the beads travel up the wire. Clever huh!
I´m so glad that I don´t have to individually thread the beads on, that would take soooo long to do. Although when I want to put a different colour around the edges that is what I do.

Right, back to it, in the middle of making a gardinia flower
take care


  1. I can see why they'd be time consuming but they're beautiful and definitely worth it. As you say, they'll be a lovely keepsake too.

  2. Thank you. Here the flowers are expensive so if we can supplement roses and other blooms it keeps the costs down and of course we can keep it in Rebecca's chosen colour scheme. xcx

  3. wow, those are so intricate and beautiful. the video is a great idea - maybe you can show us that clever little gismo bead threader working...