Friday, June 10, 2016

Mixed bunch

Temps moving up to the high 20´s, time for the pool.  We just had this months delivery of water, 8000L for the house and the other 2000L goes in the pool.  We have quite a small deposito which is a bit of a pain and means we can only last between 3-4 weeks. Luckily Jose usually comes up quite quickly to refill
I try to be quite frugal, putting reasonably clean washing up water on the garden and collecting the 6L of water it takes before we get any hot for the shower, shutting taps off between rinses etc.
It was the same at the farm, we had a well which used to get quite low in the summer, so I put a bore hole in and it was much easier, especially with the visiting guests.

Chris has been drawing up plans and making another miniature house, although I´m not sure about the miniature bit as it looks more like a mansion

 Pelmets, wainscoting and sliding floors

 Sorry the photos are out of sequence and it wouldn´t let me move them!

I spotted this on the courtyard wall this morning. Now I´m not particularly fond of spiders, but this was so unusual I just had to capture it. Obviously I have seen the mother and babies but never a group of adults.

Google tells me a group of spiders is called a cluster or clutter.  As long as they stay outside I don´t care what we call them lol
Have a great weekend
Take care


  1. Eeek, I'm not a fan of spiders either, to say the least. We've had some lovely weather but we're back to rain again, it's forecast every day for the next week.

    1. Its amazing the different sizes, colours and shapes of the spiders here. Oh dear not very nice for you, can get very gloomy when it rains for so long xcx

  2. I didn't realise you had to rely on brought in water.... it makes one be a bit more thoughtful about the use of water. We use tank water but do have a link to piped water when we need it. Silly spiders trying to do the fandango dance together!!

    1. Yes it does, have to be creative, think outside the box. Hardest thing is trying to tell visitors about it, especially when they are so used to just turning on a tap from the mains. The spiders have all gone now, just trying not to think where xcx

  3. Hope that the building project goes well! Hope the spiders aren't a bother!

  4. Stairs being made and fitted now coming on. The spiders went and found their way indoors! Xcx