Saturday, May 28, 2016

My miniature garden

The furries have disgraced themselves once too often, so we have cat proofed the dolls houses by making Perspex cases (what took us so long?!)

So at long last the gardens that I made can now be displayed as intended 
The base was 22hpi canvas, which allowed me to embroider straight onto it
I used a mixture of stitches to get the different textures
The crazy paving was made using fabric covered card

I also created components separately and added them afterwards.
Threads and beads for the flowers
It took many hours, but I was very pleased with the results, then had to make a garden for the other side

A woollen, felted jumper made the lawn

The delphiniums took ages to make, using tiny circles of tissue paper

The planter started out as a well but changed my mind, a good use of a aerosol cap
then covered in clay and using a brick stamp
What I can´t believe is that I made these 5 years ago!

Have fun, take care


  1. Wow, they're fantastic, so many different techniques and crafts involved. You must have the patience of a saint though working on such tiny things. Many congratulations on your new grandaughter, another little beauty. Does she have a name yet?

    1. Thank you Jo, people do say I have a lot of patience, but then I do have my ´moments´lol. It´s funny I have always liked working on smaller projects rather than huge ones, I think the largest I have done must be The Angel of Summer cross stitch for Rebecca, that sits in a frame about 2.5ft x 2ft it had loads of beads and took 3 months to do. I was on a deadine! Another little cutie, still waiting for names. xcx

  2. amazing... just amazing... so much detail and it all looks just wonderful... great idea with the perspex protection too especially with all that work that can be damaged.

  3. Thanks Fiona, it was getting very annoying, you know what cats are like for getting into tight spaces. They have lost interest now, should have done it ages ago! The gardens were put away as they were getting damaged, so nice to see them out, although the perspex covers do not have tops, so dusting will be a nightmare lol maybe I should make a maid and she can do it :-) xcx