Sunday, May 8, 2016

Spring clean

We have been having some totally different weather patterns, really warm and sunny then plunging into cold and rain.  The rain is still much needed and certainly allows the weeds to be pulled out easier than the usual concrete. 

Found this very pretty grass sparkling with rain drops

This was interesting too

Spent a lovely couple of days with Rebecca, girlie time, but we were very busy.  She wanted help in decluttering both in her home and the outside space as she felt it was a huge mountain.  Bit of a mission, we ended up with two trips to the recycling, made executive decisions, cleaned and polished and ended up with a very nice relaxing back courtyard using some wall art and added touches in the décor in the house.
Much lighter, brighter and a great feel good factor.
All ready for her guests next week and Antoni´s return
A good spring clean all round

take care


  1. It does feel good to declutter but it can seem like a huge task at the start. I've been going through my house a little at a time and I've shifted loads. Some things have been sold on ebay making me a bit of money and some has gone to the charity shops so they'll make a bit out of it too. I'm getting to the end now, thank goodness.

    1. Rebecca´s home certainly felt light and airy. Antoni has been away for about a month now and she wanted to surprise him when he comes home. I was so pleased to help as she is rather restricted with her health problems. Good idea using ebay though and like you I think there are some things for the charity shop. Just need to do my home now!! xcx

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  3. I love the look of rain on plants - so refreshing... well done with the spring clean - always a good feeling letting go of some clutter I think...

    1. I had an arty moment! Just need to do our home now amazing what you collect xcx