Friday, May 20, 2016

More than we bargained for

Last night I asked Chris to straighten out the bed clothes just before turning in, I find this a very energy draining chore so usually get him to do it. Omg am I glad I did, because we had a visitor and a very unwelcome one at that. This is what was hiding in the bed clothes, just think if I had done what I sometimes do and just smooth things out and hop into bed, Ugh doesn´t bear thinking about

This is an escolopendra, bit like a centipede but it has venomous fangs so if stung a visit to the pharmacy or hospital is advised for anti histamine etc
Not kidding you, it was at least 6¨ long and with its legs about 3/4 - 1¨ wide and boy do they run

Unfortunately it ran straight under the bed, and could we find it? No!
so out came the craft knife and Chris literally split the under side of the divan, still to no avail
then suddenly it ran up the wall, so with a half can of spray to slow it down and a dustpan and strong brush to hold it, it was transported outside and ´dealt´with, how it got there is another dilemma
Did have a bit of a restless night, not sure why!!

On a happier note, we were given some freshly picked lemons
No wax, the smell is divine, the flesh is sweet and the aroma from the peel is heavenly
So a wonderful marinade using the peel and juice with garlic, balsamic vinegar, olive oil and a little ginger will tenderise the turkey for kebabs perfectly

I remember putting a post ages ago about our lemon tree not holding onto its fruit, perhaps it was just an immature tree, but I am so pleased to see that we have, fingers crossed our own little crop
My Mum loved taking seeds, pips etc and trying to grow them, she was quite successful, she even managed to germinate a date, very impressive, but this little tree in the foreground is one she nurtured when she came over her with us and now it has grown so well. Needs a bigger pot now but a bit loath to change things, if you know what I mean.

On the craft front, I managed to get more thread from town and continued with the ring cushion
This is the design that Rebecca and Antoni chose for their wedding invitations so I thought it would look good on the cushion

Next step, iron our the crease! then add the organza trim and embellishments, oh and of course stitch it together. 
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, enjoy what ever it is you are doing
take care


  1. oh my goodness Chrissie - that naughty bug trying to sleep with you! aaargh... it gives me the shivers. lovely to have fresh lemons - we have a nice little tree here but i think it wants a bit more water than it is getting. the ring cushion is looking lovely - what a good idea to use the design from the wedding invitations...

  2. Hi Fiona, it was horrid, so glad we found it otherwise we would have shut the door and slept in the other room! Have to remember to feed ours too, just pleased the tree has hung onto the fruit this year.
    We have decided not to use the organza as the shade isn´t quite right, so will have to source some very wide satin ribbon I think. Have a good week xcx

  3. Eeeek, and to think I can't share my bedroom with a spider, I don't know what I'd do if I found one of those in my bed.

  4. I never used to like spiders, still don´t really, but we can´t keep up with them here, all shapes and sizes, I am forever taking down webs, but that took the biscuit. Must have been one of the cats, unless it climbed in the window, anyway hope there is not a repeat performance, gives me the creeps xcx