Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mini meeting

We had an enjoyable meeting with the miniature club and they carried on making the jewellry chest that DH designed, to be finished next month where they want me to make the jewellry to go inside the chest. I have already made a few items but need to get my thinking cap on.

The chocolate mayonese cake was well received. Its a really easy cake to make as eggs and butter are substituted by the mayonese, hadn't made this for a long time, so was pleased it turned out ok. I was very remiss though and forgot to take a photo - again! DH made his lovely cheese scones so everyone was well fed.

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  1. Hello Chrissie,
    I was unable to reply to your lovely comment by email, so I'm replying here.

    I'm so glad you like the HST tute. I do hope it will encourage you to make your first quilt.
    Have fun and thanks for stopping by my blog :-)