Thursday, October 7, 2010

Help please!

What a hectic few days! DH was whisked away by ambulance on Sunday and admitted to hsopital that evening, hooked up to various drips and an impending visit to theatre planned for the Tuesday. We often remark how bumpy the journey is in the car using our mountain road, after travelling in the ambulance, at speed, I don't think we will moan again. The road twists and turns as it zig zags down, in many places almost single track or for two if you are careful in squeezing. Must admit it was the fastest we had ever been through our town's high street, sirens screaming, through red lights, cars scuttling out of the way, an experience in itself. After a 35 minute ride we were pleased to arrive.
Anyway after a few days of trial and tribulations, DH is safely home, sore, restricted, but feeling so much better. No stitching done but I did trace out the bird cage design from Allie, so hopefully a little relaxing and stitching is what is needed now.

Can any one help me please?!!!
I have tried unsuccessfully to add a button to my blog, as I want to join in Kerryanne's Simply christmas. How do I do it? also how do I put a link to someone elses blog as I see many of you do?

Hope someone out there can point me in the right direction................................

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  1. Hi Chrissie,
    I have learnt a lot (including how to do the button trick) on Chookieblue's blog. This is her tutorial

    I have done a few and though I am slow I am happy to try and answer any questions...