Friday, August 19, 2011


It's too hot to feel like doing much - but I have cut out some more diamonds and sat for a while stitching them.
When I dived into the treasure box a couple of weeks ago it spurred me this week to trace family history, so joining an ancestry site it has been interesting and at times frustrating tracing rellies. I have gone back to 1500 on one line and on others have come to an abrupt halt. It just show how important it is for those little family stories to be told and remembered because they are the wealth of information to help with the tree.
One such fact was recorded by my mum that she had held a secret as she had been asked to do for 40 years, although she felt that as most of the people involved were no longer here she could share it.

During one of my searches I was guided to anothers tree with similar information, quite what made me want to send that person a message I don't know, but I did. Lo and behold the very 'secret' had been shared only last week which resulted in two sisters who didn't know of each other being reunited after 47 years. What an emotional reunion, so many stories to share and so much to catch up on, I am hoping to catch up with both of them soon. One is in the UK and the other is in Australia but I'm sure one way or another they will be organising a meeting.

Moral of the story if there is one! trust your intuitions, listen to your inner self and just go for it.

Enjoy your day

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  1. What a lovely story.... well done with your intuition and families being united...