Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Following on from yesterday, Fiona asked if I journaled, well sort of! what I mean is I start of with all good intentions then somehow seem to either forget or not have the time, then I go back to it. Silly really because its impossible to remember everything and like Mum's interesting looking back, but is it for pouring out of the heart or a record of life today? Maybe a bit of both. Does any one else keep a journal?

Its all go here in the ermita/plaza - this weekend sees the fiesta come round again. Can it really be a year ago already?! There are men strimming all the roadways, others have been white washing the school house (now disused) church and basically anything else they could find that was white. Today saw the arrival of the refreshment hut, then the chairs etc will arrive, then festaras will decorate the plaza with buntings set the tables, clean the church ready for Friday evening. Have to store up some sleep, we certainly won't be getting much over the weekend as they party until the wee hours.

I decided to make a picnic to put on the common of the victorian street. The little case, basket and green bowls are all from card and DH had already made all the food, just need to put ribbons on the hats

Enjoy your day

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  1. The food is amazing....
    I suppose our blogs are a kind of journal?