Saturday, August 6, 2011

Party time

Bleary eyed and ears still ringing into bed at 3 am - our little plaza came alive last night, the band set up, tables and chairs out ready for the meal, slowly friends and familar faces began to arrive. This is our fifth fiesta, the first after only moving in two weeks previous and being thrown in the deep end, but now we can see the families as they are growing and meet with our rather far flung neighbours for a game of catchup.

Friday evening everyone takes their picnic which turns it into an almost communial meal then the tables are whisked away ready for the dancing. We have set up the victorian street in our front room, along with our other houses and projects so we could invite neighbours and friends in to see. We invited Maria from the restaurant we use quite frequently and then suddenly a whole stream of ladies arrived, the good old tom toms must have been going, then they melted back to the party, ah so that's what the mad english ones do! lol but they were very complimentry.

A busy day today then it all kicks off again tonight - puts me in mind of Gloria Gayner (I will survive!)

catch you soon


  1. Would be lovely to join in with the picnic.

  2. Sounds such fun..... how long does the fiesta go for? I'm sure everyone is amazed at the victorian street....