Wednesday, August 24, 2011

tatoos and frogs

We had some of DD's and our friends over on Sunday for an enjoyable afternoon in the pool and a lovely meal, Donna offered to do a glitter tatoo which was fun, nothing permanent, they only last up to a week

Finally got to do some stitching, made these squishy bean frogs for DD and boyfriend

Then using the stumpwork techniques, attached organza to wires and used glitter glue to decorate them

Then turned it into this, quite pleased with the result

I also made some shoe stuffers filled with lavender for MIL and made her a little card to go with it, I only remembered to take a photo after I had wrapped it all up, silly me.......

Have an enjoyable day


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  2. Such pretty wings turned into a beautiful dragonfly. Cute frogs too.

  3. You have been busy with all sort of fun things... that dragonfly is georgeous... and I do love frogs - so long as they are not in my shower....