Sunday, August 14, 2011


What a week that seems incredible that the fiesta was a week ago, this photo is of the saturday night when families all bring their picnics again and special treats are dished out. This year it was cocas which are plate sized dough bases with different toppings, onions or tomato and anchovy, olives, typical spanish fare along with sandia (watermelon) and a sweet rich almond cake served with a sweet wine. As you can see the plaza was packed, then again everything was whisked away and about midnight everyone was dancing to the band.

Sunday morning the church bell rings summoning everyone to the service. Funny how it is usually the ladies that go into the church whilst the men linger in the plaza in the shade talking. Half way through the service the doors open and Santa Barbara is paraded around the plaza with everyone following behind then back into the church. After the service its time for the races, the men run for the prize of a live cockrel but the children this year received surf boards and bags of sweets for the runners up. To make it fair it is divided into age groups and at the very end two tiny tots about2 all dressed in sunday best and obviously twins held hands and ran their own race, really sweet.

They serve more of the sweet cake and a milk made from almonds or an iced lemon drink which was really nice especially as it was about 35c. We had more visitors to see the miniatures then everyone left for their siesta. Again it seems a tradition that some of the men return late afternoon to play cards, the winner receiving a prize at the evenings event. Sunday is earlier and the band finished playing by 1am so we were at last able to get some sleep.

We needed to recover from the late nights of the weekend and didn't start the decorating till tuesday. DH had managed to get some paint that was for people who are sensitive to the odours of normal paint, it really didn't smell or give off horrible vapours but oh it was hard work it was like trying to paint with treacle and took much longer than anticipated.
We have rehomed the miniatures but the craft room is still in the throws of returning to 'normal' as is the rest of the downstairs in the heat it is little by little but it will happen.......

So no stitching or minis, hopefully next week. Last night DD and A invited us to join them at a 60s and 70s night that their friends were organising, we didn't leave until 9.30 and we arrived to the party in full swing returning home really late. It was a fun evening, good to revisit all the old favourites and have a dance, but boy are we shattered this morning, the knees and hips are not what they used to be!?
Hope you are enjoying your weekend

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