Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Lovely gift

Ooh, I have a new follower, how exciting, welcome and thank you for having a peek at my little space.

Been feeling a bit under the weather, enough to admit to myself that I should really go and see the Doctor.  Apart from Well woman clinics, I haven't been to a doctor for ermmmm can't remember, years, so the dilemma was where to go and who to see.  As I am not under the umbrella of national health care I have to have private cover, which means I can go and see which ever GP I like.  I chose one that Rebecca has been to see and recommended, very good consultation, blood tests taken today and results Friday, not bad going. Nothing too drastic, just a hic-up

To cheer me up when hubby went into town the other day he came home bearing gifts, aren't these beautiful
  So bright and cheerful

Finished a couple of things for Leocia, love this little bolero and matching hat and the varigated yarn has lovely delicate colours and is really soft 

This is the first pattern I have ever tried where you incorporate the sleeves as you go, so there are no sleeve seams, certainly made the garment quite smooth.  Couldn't resist the hat either. 
Wasn't so happy with the mitts, the pattern calls for 4 ply, but this varigated yarn seems a little prickly to me, I made a couple of pair of these whilst in the UK and they were much softer.
I have already started another cardi but will keep this one for Christmas for her.

Yesterday was an amazingly warm day, in our kitchen courtyard we reached 31C but in the Naya by the pool it reached 36C (in the shade), we had a gentle hairdryer wind and although it was warm it was also dry, certainly above average temps for this time of year.  We are also having lovely sunrise and sunsets, a bit like this one

take care


  1. Sorry to hear you're feeling a bit under the weather. I hope the blood tests come back ok and that your mind is put at rest. I love the little bolero jacket, I love knitting baby clothes but I've no one to knit for, there's no babies in our family or the family of friends.

    1. Thank you Jo, probably just need what my Grandma would have referred to as a pick me up lol. I like the way these little patterns knit up so quickly, There weren't any babies in our family either so it's nice to have Leocia to knit for xcx

  2. Hope you are all okay.. a bit run down maybe?? lovely knitting ... so pretty ...

  3. Thanks Fiona, yes I think you are right, will find out tomorrow xcx