Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Special bond

Last week Rebecca came up to stay for a couple of days.  I always love her visits, we chat and catch up, exchange ideas on many subjects like aromatherapy oils, vegetarian and vegan recipes and swap ideas for new juices, as well as being able to express our feelings about current issues that area affecting us, we are best friends as well as mother and daughter and I am very proud of our special bond.

We decided to go to the beach - I'm not really a lay on the beach and burn sort of person, I also detest having 'things' floating around your feet and legs etc when in the sea, however, to go shore hunting or building sand castles were right up my street when the kids were young.. Have to wait a wee while before that will happen again  Anyway we settled on Calpe port beach, a mix of rocks and sand and settled down, we must have looked a funny pair sitting there, I kept my very thin beach cover on to protect against the still very strong sun and of course Rebecca was under the parasols as her skin burns badly since the radiotherapy.
But do you know it was lovely! we chatted for a while then just laid there listening to the waves tumbling in , to be in the now, relaxing, instead of thinking of all the to do things.

towards Calpe main town

Over to Benidorm direction
As you can see Rebecca took the plunge and went for a dip, me? well I paddled but did get a wet backside when one roller was a bigger than the rest lol

We decided to visit one of the fish restaurants there and enjoyed  a lovely fish lunch including mussels, squid, salmon and swordfish.  The only slight thing that began to get really annoying were the looky looky's who were constantly coming round trying to sell their wares 

Time to go home - but a thoroughly enjoyable couple of days.

I have managed to get a piccie of the finished cot blanket for Leocia, i do like the randomness this varigated yarn produces and I have made three new items but I will post those another day as its a bit dark and gloomy here for photos today.

My supermarket delivery has arrived and is all away now - I ordered pumpkin and sunflower seeds but obviously got it wrong as they were still in their cases - I use them in salads and stir fries so couldn't be asked to shell them, we have too many almonds to shell without these, no problem, not right? immediate refund and taken back to the shop, couldn't ask for more! 
take care


  1. It sounds like you had a lovely time with Rebecca. I think Eleanor and I have grown much closer as she's got older, she's brilliant company these days, it's nice to be friends as well as mother and daughter like the relationship you both have. I love the cot blanket, variegated yarn produces a wonderful effect.

  2. Hi Jo, yes I think it's got better with time, the teens were a little emmm interesting! We have had some tough times but those experiences have brought us ever closer together. Lovely you have the same with Eleanor, great girlie times. I do love using variegated, maybe I am lazy as it self patterns, no.. creative lol. xcx

  3. Sounds like a lovely time with Rebecca - very special - and I look forward to staying friends with my own daughter who is only 10. As you say, the teen years may be very ..ermmm,.., interesting! Lovely cot blanket - how nice to have a little granddaughter to knit for.

    1. Oh it was Annie, life's curved balls certainly make you appreciate special times. I started the blanket before Leocia was born and didn't know what the baby would be so I chose neutral colours, but little bits of pink will be creeping in I'm sure lol xcx

  4. A lovely spot for some time on the beach... I like to paddle too but I have got in when it hasbeen really hot.... great you had such a fun time with Rebecca... love the blanket you have made...

    1. The water was surprisingly warm and quite surreal considering its October. I like to be able to see what I am swimming in and there were little fish quite near the shore, I'm sure they were more afraid of me lol. Bit of a glut for punishment as I have just started a lap rug for MIL xcx

  5. It is so lovely that you and Rebecca get on so well together and are happy in each others company and able to spend time together. Not good that what you wanted didn't turn up in your groceries, but how good that they just sorted it out straight away, you can cope with customer service like that can't you! xx

  6. Thanks Amy, they are really good - whilst in UK I made my order as usual for my return, the guys thought that was great! anyway on the webpage they only had 1/2 a fresh chicken so had to order it but they rang up to query it and brought the whole chicken I would have wanted - another time one bag was not unloaded, he rang up, turned round came all the way up the mountain again to bring it to me - yes I can cope with that sort of service lol xcx