Friday, October 3, 2014

The wanderer returns

Home again, although it was a little bit dodgy for a couple of days due to a strike by Air France, but all was on time and we managed to extend by a oouple of days before they closed the route. 

It was a mixed bag of events, including some impromptu decorating.  Daniel and Shine rent a victorian end of terrace house, they are understandable loath to do much to it, but the owners certainly spared the paint, especially in the kitchen with mix match very dull colours on the unit doors etc.  So after discussions with them I set too and painted all the doors and a couple of walls which certainly brightened up the whole room and gave clean lines.  With so much else to do and adjusting to little one, this was one thing that they could tick off their list.

Unfortunately, yet again, my tablet just wouldn't behave and writing posts of even reading blogs and comments was impossible, so a bit of catch up is needed.

Antoni and Rebecca thoroughly enjoyed meeting his new sister, Daisy and as she was working in Taunton one day even visited us with Antoni returning with her so they could spend a day together at Alton Towers.
Daisy plans to visit here in January, so that will be another emotional reunion with their father.  All a bit complicated really.

Rebecca and I enjoyed time together too, with a little shopping, lovely lunches and just chilling out. here is the main reason for going over though

I took the cot blanket with me to finish off and check the size, but the photo seems to have disappeared, I also ordered some more yarn from Deramors the day before I left and was so surprised to find my parcel already there waiting for me.  Some lovely soft merino wool, including some 4 ply so I made a couple of pairs of winter mittens.
I shall have to sort through the photos and share the Welcome / shower party and share another time

.Have a great weekend, take care xcx


  1. What a lovely photo. It sounds like you've had a lovely time, but busy at times too. I'm sure Daniel and Shine will have appreciated your help with the decorating though, it's the last thing you want to be doing when you've got a new baby. Glad Antoni's meeting with his sister went well too.

  2. Thanks Jo, i really do not like my photo taken and find it difficult to be natural and keep my eyes open! but sometimes you have to just go for it. Daisy was really nice and they felt like they were meeting old friends, with lots in common. Have a great weekend xcx

  3. Sounds as though you had a lovely - and busy! - time. I hope that you enjoy being back at home just as much. xx

    1. Oh yes, as they say its nice to go away but so good to be back! xcx

  4. welcome back though I am sure part of you is missing them all already... what a lovely picture cuddling a gorgeous little one...

    1. New adjustments, and acceptances, good to be back xcx