Thursday, July 19, 2018

Good news!

Good news!
Not only has Rebecca´s neck improved a little but the car no longer has quite such a scrunch
With the help of a work collegue they have replaced the light and indicator
and pulled out alot of the damage and taped the rest
So she has got back in and driven again, always hard to do 

Saturday saw another village BBQ
It was a very good turn out with about 40 people attending, good mix of spanish and english
Everyone takes food and shares with each other
Chris started playing about 9.45 pm 
(nothing starts early here!)

The wind got up about midnight and stopped Chris from playing for a while but  he was able to continue, which he did until gone 1am

Everyone helps put everything away and before you know it it looks as though nothing had happened.
Chris always stays on quite a high after a gig so didn´t get to bed till gone 4am
Me? I just crashed lol
Last year they decided to have one every 2 weeks, far too often
but this time it works out that the fiesta is in 3 weeks, so the bbq will be 3 after that
Much more managable
An enjoyable evening had by all

take care


  1. Good news for Rebecca …

    The village BBQ looks fun, nice to see the photographs.

    All the best Jan

    1. Yes, thanks it is. The fiesta will be so much busier xcx

  2. Great for Rebecca.... such a help... your BBQ sounds such fun... great when everyone gets together...

    1. It makes it a nice mix of people just having some fun xcx

  3. That's such good news for Rebecca, I hope her neck continues to improve. She's been very brave getting back into her car, I'm sure it was very scary but it's just getting over that first hurdle and then it'll get easier, I'm sure. The BBQ looks like lots of fun but I'm no night owl, I'm not sure I'd have lasted.

    1. Thank you yes, relieved! She drove Antoni to work then back again on her own so she did well. Must admit I am pleased they are not so frequent this year, it was such hard work before, just recovered when there was another one xcx