Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Moors and Christians

Our local town of Benissa have just celebrated their Moors and Christians festival.
It lasts for days and most of the town shuts, so no post office etc
They built a castle in the main car park, quite realistic
then on various days they have processions with quite stunning costumes
Each group have their own band and they march along the streets
One parade the Moors take the castle, then the next the Christians reclaim it
Chris decided to go along on the Sunday evening
This is when they use the blunderbus guns
He said is was so noisy
They come along and spray the streets with water first so that any debris is extinguished
Then they go for it

Each town have their own costumes, so much work goes into these fiestas
this comes after only a few weeks of their own town fiesta

I´ll leave you on a quieter note
This was taken on a visit to Two Locks Exeter
take care


  1. What a fun festival..... amazing the work people go to so that it can be a big event... I do like the swans....

    1. They certainly enjoy their fiestas here. We have our own small version in a few weeks time in the village. It was a very pleasant spot, there is a pub at the waters edge which made for a nice evening. xcx

  2. So nice to see the photographs of the fiesta, looks amazing.

    Lovely swan and cygnets …

    All the best Jan

  3. Hi thanks for dropping by. They are always colourful and very loud lol xcx