Sunday, August 25, 2019


In the past I have tried knitting socks without success
I am not a very experienced knitter but manage to plod away on simple items
So I invested in some nice dpn´s 2.5mm, but put it on hold for a bit

Having seen all the wonderful socks  being knitted of late I thought I´d try again.

This time I thought I would start with some baby socks, thinking smaller, easier....
I thought I remembered a baby sock pattern that Jo had previously made
(Thanks Jo)
and followed it through to Ravelry

Grabbed the pattern and started progressing
 Ok, fiddly things but managed to do the ribbing for 3"

Put in a life line, just in case and proceeded with the heal flap
so far so good, another life line then on to turning the heel

Set up A - done
Set up B - done
So I have 10 stitches  with 4 left over - turn
Row 1  - doesn´t make sense to me as I am now going the wrong way!

Read on to the gusset instructions....que
How do they manage to get 13-16-13 sts?

Oh dear!
Before I gave up, I thought I would throw it out there to all you lovely Ladies
Especially those who knit such gorgeous socks
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Oh well shall just have to do something else in the meantime

take care


  1. Hi Chrissie I hope someone can help I started a pair about a year ago and haven't got passed the rib top ,lol,I admire the people that can knit socks,hope it all works out for you my friend xx

  2. OK, row 1, where you say you're going the wrong way, what do you mean? You should be on the wrong side of your work like you were on Set Up A row. After you've turned the heel you'll be left with 10 stitches on that needle. You'll then pick up 8 stitches along each side of the heel flap, which gives 26 stitches, add that to the 16 stitches on needles 1 and 3 gives you 42 stitches in total. Hope this helps, it's really complicated trying to explain without being able to see exactly what you're doing, but if you need any more help drop me an email and I'll try my best.

  3. HI Chrissie, I am not experienced at all but recently did an online workshop to learn and have made my second pair. For the heel turn you are working off the stitches on the help flap. After that is done you pick up along the heel flap so it all joins together. That is how you get all those stitches and then you decrease again and that gives shape for you to work on the foot part. As with Jo its hard to say... especially since I am learning too.

    1. I can´t work out how to decrease on the wrong side when I have 4 sts on the right needle and it says to purl to the gap when I´m working away from them. I´m sure it will work out. Thanks for your input xcx

  4. I can't read the whole pattern but I agree with Jo that it sounds to me like you were not on the wrong side when you did you Set up Row A, which is followed by a Set up Row B on the right side. You then do Row 1 on the WS and Row 2 on the RS and repeat those two rows until you have 10 stitches left. Then you follow the instructions and you will end up with 13-16-13 stitches on needles, it will all make sense when you get to that bit! Hope you can work it all out.

  5. Hi Chrissie, I'm not a knitter so can't offer any help …
    However, I hope maybe the other bloggers who do knit can :)

    All the best Jan