Monday, July 16, 2018

Only takes one

It´s been 35C today and the second time in the pool for me
Chris has been in loads already especially enjoying his midnight swins
We had a ´dirty´storm bringing loads of red dust and some rain
this had a devestating effect on everyone´s pools and it has taken ages to rectify it
all good now though

I can´t believe it´s a week ago, but last Monday evening I received a call everyone dreads
A rather shaky sounding Rebecca called to say she had been in an RTA earlier in the evening
An idiot pulled out from a carpark using the wrong lane and crashed into her front wing
Luckily she wasnt going too fast as she had just turned into the road
But as her car is rather old against the new car she came off worse
Luckily she has ónly´sustained whip lash, I say that with the knowledge that this can take months to heal and is literally a pain in the neck
But I mean no broken bones etc although of course the shock also comes into it
She is now playing the waiting game of insurance, although they have been very good and have already sent her off to physio because of the pain she is in, but they will not give treatment until the inflamation subsides.
Oh dear poor love, she ended up with a couple of days off from her new job too
plus a rather crumpled car
Luckily she took photographs and refused the other parties offer of doing things privately
The photos can´t lie.

take care everyone


  1. thanks for your comment on the poochon post. I'm sure our 5 will do the same and scoot as soon as the dog comes in, probably creeping back little by little to take apeek. lol

  2. Oh no, poor Rebecca and of course you... it is such a worry when you are so far away. Hopefully everything will be settled relatively quickly. WE had the same thing a few years ago except it was my car my daughter was driving - which was a right off but she and her son were ok....
    Yucky dirty storm, I can just imagine the mess it makes... night time swims in the heat sound good to me...

    1. Yes difficult just glad it wasn´t more. She has driven again now so that´s ok. The red rain stains everything too which is a pain. It was soo cold to get in yesterday afternoon with the outside temp being so high, but quite refreshing xcx

  3. What a horrible thing to happen. I have had whiplash and it is not nice. I hope she recovers quickly.
    Best wishes

    1. Hi, thank you she is feeling a little better and has returned to work which is good xcx

  4. What a shock, for you as well as Rebecca, I do hope she's on the mend soon. It's when something like this happens that you realise how hard it is living so far away. I've just been catching up on your recent posts, I'm glad you had such a lovely time in the UK and you managed to get hold of the needles you wanted. I'm a big fan of Knitpro Zings, I find them really comfortable to knit with.

  5. Hi Jo, Can´t even go and give her a hug :-( I got the needles and sock yarn and have done about an inch of rib only, the circular needle I bought seems to big to stretch the stitches round so using the 5 dpns, slow and slower lol xcx

  6. Smart girl refusing to do things privately. So sorry to hear this happened and wish her a speedy recovery and lots of luck with the car repairs and the insurance.
    Sandy's Space

    1. Thank you threw a bit of a spanner in the works. Smart girl indeed especially when the offender started talking to a work collegue in hindu saying he would walsh on it anyway. xcx

  7. Oh no!
    I hope she recovers soon.

    All the best Jan