Friday, July 19, 2019

Cocos sunflower

Ages ago we were asked to look after Marias cockatiel, then she decided she didn´t want her returned, so Coco became a permanent resident.

The furries basically ignore her, even when she is out flying around, as she has a very sharp beak and is not afraid to use it.

She has a mix of bird food and sunflower seeds and Chris is in the habit of emptying her bowl into a garden waste container, a few weeks ago I spied a rouge plant growing, rescued and potted it up.
This is what grew

We hope to harvest the seeds then Coco can have a few treats.

This photo was taken back in 1971 when I was 14 and had just met Chris at the local youth club.
He was well into his photography even then, back in the days when you had to wait to finish the roll of film before developing. Although he did have a dark room up in his familys loft for black and white prints. This was a slide that he has turned into a photo.

Can´t believe the long white socks with hot pants!
We found all sorts of photos whilst searching for ones for Mums video

Enjoy your weekend
take care


  1. Hi Chrissie lovely pic of you,you are very pretty and I can remember wearing long white socks with mini skirts lol.
    What a lovely surprise with the sun flower sprouting up,the bird will enjoy his treats xx

    1. Aww thank you Sheryl, probably thought we were the bees knees xcx

  2. I'm sure Coco will get plenty of treats from that lovely sunflower. I love looking at old photos. My mum and dad had lots of slides, I wonder what happened to them all.

    1. It´s lovely when a photo can give you a gentle reminder of past times. We found a wedding group one of Chris´s family, taken in Edwardian times, a real social gem with the fashions. Trouble is trying to identify the people! xcx

  3. cockatiels are fun pets. any time I grow sunflowers the birds eat them before I can harvest any seeds! What a fun picture...

    1. Coco is fiesty, we warn people but still they want to put their finger in the cage and wonder why when she takes a good chunk out. The sunflower seeds give her some entertainment too as she spends ages shelling them xcx

  4. I think Coco is going to enjoy the sunflower treats …

    That's a great photograph of you, it's nice to look back at old photographs isn't it.

    All the best Jan

  5. Seems many years ago now that was taken, I agree, nothing like a remember when recalling old photos xcx