Saturday, July 13, 2019

Music with tapas

Well I am happy to say that Antoni is very slowing on the mend and managed to get to London with Rebecca driving to Hammersmith and a short train journey.
He attended his interview, which lasted over two and a half hours, meeting all sorts of top brass and left with the promise of a proposal.

He is so chuffed that he got the job, it will give him great scope to grow a new department and the fringe benefits were quite generous too. He is working remotely for some of the week which will cut down the travel costs, such a relief he has secured the immediate future for them.

We are hoping he will visit the GP for a referral for physio, but in the mean time Rebecca has found some stretching and strenghening exercises on the NHS web site so hopefully he can get on with those.

Last night we ventured further up the mountain to the restaurant that Chris used to play at regularly, the new owners invited him to play for their tapas evening.

There was a nice gentle breeze on the terrace, cooling everyone as we have been having quite high temps of late, last week we reached 39.5C, but even the 34/35 is still a wee bit hot.

The tapas were delicious, a set menu of 6 with a bottle of wine to share for 19.95e per couple
A refreshing salad was an extra 3.50 but it was very tasty.
Although they had had cancellations the ones that were there stayed all evening listening to Chris play, it was a lovely evening.
One couple were over for a holiday from New Zealand and lived very close to where Chris used to and were in the entertainment/tourist industry, so knew all of the places he used to play, so he enjoyed catching up with all that. 

It looks like Chris will have a Friday night spot again, he does enjoy doing it

The tapas were pork slices with honey, tiny chorizo sausages, calamari, deep fried camembert, pate with caramalized onions and pea sprouts and a beef meatball. 

Hmm back to normal fare today then lol
take care


  1. Well done to Antoni and Chris, new jobs all round.

  2. good to hear A is improved and congrats on the job. The tapa's evening sounds great and fun and yummy.... great for Chris to get the gig too...

  3. Hi Chrissie glad to hear his is ok now.
    What a fun trip and the food looks so yummy,hope you have a lovely day my friend xx

  4. It only takes 15 minutes to get there and the scenery is beautiful. xcx

  5. So good to read that Antoni is slowly improving.
    Many congratulations on his new job and also Chris's Friday night spot.
    Lovely :)

    All the best Jan