Saturday, July 6, 2019

Fiesta time again

Last weekend was the reenactment of the Mores and Christians fiesta in our local town of Benissa.

They really go to town with these, with the main town closing for days and the car park being used for the castle. Each year the costumes change with the most elaborate finishes
It begins on Friday with marching bands and continues Saturday and Sunday with thunderous blunderbuses, parades, storming of the castle and retaliation, on through till Monday. All very late nights and usually packed with onlookers.
We had a friend staying, so Chris took him down to enjoy the fun.

Not really my thing as you have to stand for hours with the crowd and it´s just plain ear bashingly noisy.
Thought you might like to see some piccies of it........erm there´s quite a lot!!!!

They really love the blunderbuses and fire crackers

Then they move into the narrow side streets where it is even louder, you also get covered in hot spent gunpowder if you are not careful!

It is quite something to see, and each night everything is cleared and cleaned and you would never know anything had been going on apart from the props.

All back to normal now, we can use the square, cafes and shops, until the next time

take care


  1. Dear Chrissie
    It looks really exciting, but not so good if you don't like loud noises. A really unforgettable experience.
    Best wishes

    1. Hi Ellie, it is very much a family affair, pretty much like all the fiestas here xcx

  2. They really do go to town, don't they? Quite an experience though.

    1. They certainly do, in their main town fiesta they put on huge displays of fireworks too xcx

  3. such an amazing celebration … would be so fun to watch as long as getting a seat on the sidelines!

    1. Thats the problem, sitting on a small stone wall for a few hours is not very comfortable at all xcx

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  5. Wow! What an event, I did enjoy seeing all of your photographs.

    All the best Jan