Friday, July 12, 2019

So disappointing

Rebecca, Antoni and his sister Daisy were all booked for a 10 days visit starting last Monday
Antoni had a very important job interview in London in the morning and they were due to fly in the evening.
Then disaster struck!
Antoni was all ready to don his suit and leave when his back just twanged and gave out
He ended up on the floor of the bedroom, racked with terrible back spasms every few minutes.
They decided to call an ambulance, who took 15 minutes of talking before they decided they would send one, then saying it could be between 1-2 hours wait.
The paramedics arrived after about an hour and were surprised at the severity of the spasms, so first it was gas and air, then some relaxant then morphine.
Nothing touched it, so they fetched a stretcher, rolled him on his side then back on the stretcher, lifted him on the bed and did the reverse. Arranged for a prescription, said there was nothing more they could do, and left!
So there he was, stranded like a beached whale in agony.
The meds still didn´t help so they called 999 again and were told to ring the GP for out of hours doctors, when she finally got through she was told the surgery was closed and they didn´t offer that service.!?
So back to 999 who arranged for one of theirs to ring, he upped the meds, said it was ridiculous they hadn´t given him pain meds and no he wouldn´t visit as it would take him 2 hours to get there, but faxed a prescription to their nearest Asda pharmacy for collection.
Talk about feeling dumped
The next day he was just the same and we were getting worried because he hadn´t been able to visit the bathroom or use the bed pan they had left him.
The meds slowly kicked in and things improved a tiny bit.
Rebecca went out and bought a back brace and yesterday he managed to get downstairs wearing it and be in the car for a little ride, in preparation for today to attend his missed interview.
Goodness me, you couldn´t make it up
We are all gutted that the trip was cancelled,
 Rebecca was so looking forward to ´coming home´ and relaxing, and of course Antoni was gutted to have spoilt it all, being told that these things happen and it wasn´t his fault was of little comfort to him.
We have turned it around into positives that Antoni gets his interview and have rescheduled the trip to the beginning of September. We shall just have to be patient and wait to have our huggles and cuddles and be content with phone and skype calls.

take care 


  1. Oh no, I hope he's feeling better soon. Backs are funny things, aren't they, they can just go without any indication. I'm sorry the trip's had to be rescheduled but it's something to look forward to in September.

    1. Yes looking forward to that, at least the flights are not too expensive at the moment xcx

  2. Oh poor Antoni, what a thing to happen... and of course poor you having to wait longer.... I hope he gets the job and gets the pain sorted …

    1. He is slowly on the mend, we are hoping he will go to the GP for a referral for physio xcx

  3. Oh my goodness, what a thing to happen.
    As I'm late to this post I do hope he is feeling a lot better now.

    All the best Jan