Thursday, July 25, 2019

BBQ night

Last Saturday was BBQ night in the plaza
No one turns up very early here and to start with there were only a few but by about 10pm the numbers grew.

People share their picnics, which can vary from the delicious to the weird
Someone was making a huge pot of some alcoholic concoction, finely sliced turnips went in, spices, lemon etc and would you believe 4 bottles of dark rum and copious amounts of sugar.
I had a sip, well it would be rude not too, nearly blew my head off 
Rosada and fizzy water suited me just fine.

Chris had set up earlier on the stage

and he continued playing till about 12.45 when everyone started to clear up and drift away.
By the time we had packed up and Chris had chilled out a bit it was nearly 3am before we got to bed!. What a long night.....

I haven´t been doing very much on the craft front, but when we were clearing cupboards out at Mum´s I found quite a few balls of yarn, so I scooped them up and decided to make a few beanies for the homeless with them. I made a few last year and they were well received.
This one I started whilst staying at Rebecca´s, but I didn´t have a darning needle to finish it and I left it there for another visit

Another one on the needles

Easy to pick up at any time

This little blanket is another one of those projects - as and when

My kids loved the story of the Hungry caterpillar and ours was a well thumbed version
I have made several of these for Rebecca´s friends children
Here is the latest one

We also lopped 6" of the tealight, so now we have one for the table too

I believe Deramores are having a 30% sale today, so I might just go and have a browse
Have a great weekend
take care


  1. Hi Chrissie sounds like a wonderful night but sure was a long one fir you and Chris.
    Love your knitting and the caterpillar is so cute,well done my friend xx

    1. Thank you, finished the beanie and the blanket now, have to think of something else for the needles xcx

  2. What a great night out, though far too late for me these days. I haven't picked my knitting up for the last few days, it's too hot at the moment, my hands are just too warm to hold wool. Love the caterpillar.

    1. Thanks Jo, he is suffolk puffs, stuffed and assembled so is nice an squishy. I can only knit with our ceiling fan going in the lounge, far too hot outside xcx

  3. That looks and sounds a fun night out.

    The very hungry caterpillar is such a great children's book. I know my children and grandchildren enjoyed it. I do like your caterpillar, it look rather cute :)

    All the best Jan

    1. Chris was given some advice from Adam Faith years ago, always have a siesta before a show, don´t eat and live within commuting distance to return home. He is so easy and fun to make xcx