Thursday, July 28, 2011


I like boxes, all shapes and sizes. They are so useful from trinkets to papers, memories and more. I even have boxes that are writing slopes which my Mum gave to me so are even more precious. Wood, shell, china or fabric, I don't mind. This lovely hand carved box was given to my grandparents by my great uncle when he returned home from serving in India many years ago.

Mind you it's an absolute horror to clean lol, have to resort to toothbrushes to reach the intricate patterns

Inside the lid is an inscription to Beck and Sam from Tom with the Middlesex Regiment emblem, its one of those family heirlooms, Mum passed it to me and it will eventually go to DS. It is home to an old family bible with momentoes slide between the pages, mainly by by Mum and include flowers, tickets little notes etc, also diaries from the 1940's - certainly a little bit of family history. My Mum traced her side of the family back to the mid 1700's where our ancestors were sail makers in London, facinating.

A while ago I made loads of fabric boxes - including tissue boxes which are great for coordinating with the decor of relevant rooms, the large central box holds serviettes and has a stumpwork needlelace motif, same as the smaller middle one, the handle was made from beads threaded onto wire then twisted, making it slightly different. Most house little bits and bobs, especially those little things you don't know where to put.

Enjoy your day


  1. Lovely boxes Chrissie, the wooden one is amazing isn't it.... just to sit and stroke it and with lovely interesting treasure inside....
    I love the pretty fabric ones too of course... and their treasures!!

  2. So much history in that wooden box and its contents. Your fabric boxes look good - they sure are handy for storing the little bits and pieces in.