Thursday, July 7, 2011


As I've probably mentioned before we have 8 cats, all with their own personality, quirks but beautiful furry companions that give us alot of love and fun. They also return the love and kindness by bringing us all sorts of presents. Now I don't want to appear ungrateful but their choice of presents are certainly not what I would choose, in fact usually gross and of course here there is a wider range to chose from, tree rats, lizards, huge grass hoppers to name but a few.

Yesterday I came into the craft room, which is the first area from the front door, to find Amber intrigued with something under the curtain. Now I didn't know if it was a present for me or whether she had found a new playmate and brought it home to show us. Anyway upon lifting the curtain to see I was presented with a large poisonious viper sitting ready to strike in its defence, after a scream from me, yes, yes I know, but I can't stand snakes even on the telly, it lundged at Amber just missing her but then sped off deeper into the room.

DH realised what it must be as apparently I only scream like that when its a snake, we blocked the exits and began the hunt - carefully! I'm sure your craft room/area is like mine full of bits and bobs, drawers shelves etc, well as you can see it turned into a bomb site, everything was moved but we just couldn't find it, freaked out or what? Amber had long gone curled up outside leaving us to our task, perhaps she was miffed that we were playing with her new friend rather than her. Anyway I'm sure you are gettinig the picture..... after a long search we spotted it in the furthest corner, so armed with a long broom handle and a lidded box DH tried to capture it, nope it wasn't interested so squirmed off and away again, now I know snakes react to vibration and dont have ears as such so I'm sure he wasn't offended by the choice words DH had to say to him, anyway second approach Got Him, in the box, lid down, then a strange noise from DH, not a scream as such but just as tummy turning, it had found a hole in the lid and was up and ready to stike DH who reacted in the only way possible for safety. After it was disposed of then came the task of clearing up, next time that area needs a spring clean I think I would rather choose a nicer way of deciding when and why.

I've had a little word with the furries and requested a bit of restraint in the present department, now the question will arise did they listen to me?!


  1. Oh my - gripping drama.... I do not like snakes.... poor you.... need some nice snacks and some nice tea....

  2. Oh my goodness - - - how horrific, glad you found it in the end, without your cat being bitten, even if it did mean turning your craft room upside down.
    Pamela found one of her cats running up and down the side of the pool a couple of months ago - playing with a snake. Pamela SAVED it! Mad!! She didn´t know at the time that it had bitten her cat and he got a nasty abcess on his neck that involved lots of vets visits and fees.! She never did find out what type of snake it was, but don´t think she would save another one.