Saturday, July 2, 2011

Quiet day

Quiet day yesterday, all the goings on have caught up with me, we were supposed to go grocery shopping for the last two days but for all sorts of reasons never got there. It's amazing what you can conjuer up from the store cupboard and the last bits of the fridge.

Hubby has been reinspired by doing all the brick works on the exhibition facias and decided to continue on with a project that has been waiting in the wings for some time now, so all the bricking and chimneys were done. This will be a deli/grocery downstairs and a cafe upstairs.
I remember a few years ago visiting Tavistock in Devon uk, the minute you walked into the shop you were transported back as all the floors were highly polished wood, individual counters for tea and coffee all weighed and packaged as you waited, the staff all in long black aprons, the whole shop kitted out as Edwardian but with a modcons twist ie the deli and refrideration.
It will be quite good fun to research the products from yesteryear to stock the shop, with printable labels and a little piece of dowling the shelves can be bowing with tins, boxes of this and that oh and he has put in a request for more gardens!!...

We have also had some interest from another Cultural centre about the exhibition, this time Calpe, have to wait and see what happens.


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