Sunday, July 3, 2011


No sorry, not the hard rock sparkly ones just these little fabric ones, ready to sew together. These are quite nice to have ready when you want something easy to do without thinking, unless you sew one round the wrong way like I did!!!

Getting quite a collection of them now and have realised that the fushia fabric I recently bought would look good to bring them all together, as the fabric came from the stash I will keep going until I run out so that will determine how large (or small) it will be

Our lavender plants have matured enough this year to produce nice flower heads, I cut these and now have three vases of sweet smelling blooms, certainly one for the bedroom anything to help with the sleep

Enjoy the rest of the weekend


  1. Great diamond stitching.... I also have lavender blooming away at the moment.... it's such a tough plant and gives such a lot....

  2. Will love to see what you create with your diamonds. They are looking good. Lovely lavender.

  3. what size diamonds are you using here.........I have just in the last week or so got into EPP....I have started to make some blocks just like this..........