Friday, July 1, 2011

Strange goings on..... our cactus garden. One of our large cacti put out a long thin stem, we have been watching this develop and this is what it has turned into.

It has to be about 20 ft tall, very different, someone told us once the plant puts one of these out it usually dies afterwards, we shall see. The cactus themselves are lethal with long spikes all along the leaves and at the end and they spread like wildfire. They take an absolute age to rot down when cut and most people including DH are allergic to them. Nice huh? but they do create a very thick protective barrier on the perimeter fence, I certainly wouldn't like to force my way through them..

I surcumbed..... Doughty's of Hereford (UK) were offering some cotton materials for only 3.99 (sterling) a metre, I used to use them when in the UK and were always pleased with them and the shipping charges to Spain were very reasonable. Not necessarily any rhyme or reason to the choices or any planned projects - yet!

I have made a tidy for hanging behind the cupboard door, for storing all the dusters, polish etc, very functional, a bit boring actually as I used plain furnishing fabric from the stash, well no one is going to see it but it has 9 pockets and it was amazing how much space was created under the sink when I started filling it up. Not sure it will encourage me to polish more often but at least I will find things(if) when I do.

When blog hopping I come across clever people who write a word then score through it for emphasis, can I find out how to do it? nope, so if any of you clever people would let me in on the secret I would be very pleased.


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  1. The cactus looks like a tree!! Lovely fabrics.... when you write your post there is a little tool bar (you use it when you add a picture) - there is one for bold, underline etc but there is also ABC - but scored out..... thats if we both use the same create new post thingy... does this make sense???