Saturday, August 7, 2010

Bugs and gifts

I was watering the lavender just by the kitchen door when this rather disgruntled fellow appeared. He obviously didn't appreciate his shower and proceeded to walk up and down the stems seemingly trying to shake off the water. He had armour plating on is back and a huge long feeler on his head, DH guided him onto a piece of card for a piccie then returned him to his plant where he completely disappeared within the foliage

Joy of joys, DS decided on the spur of the moment to come out for a visit, he was due to have been out back in April but was waylaid by the ash cloud and grounded. Lovely to have him here and we are enjoying the family moments.

Two more EBCC gifts. This is my variation of the snowflake BOM that Dawn Hay is hosting at the moment, I put a double layer of wadding inside with crushed cinnamon and cloves so that the spices deliver a lovely aroma when a hot dish is placed on it.

I was pleased with these fabric roses and I want to add a little pouch or open container so that I can add essential oils and they can be used as a room freshener as well as being decorative. Now the question is do they count as 1 gift or 12? lol no just the 1 I think.


  1. What beautiful gifts you have made

  2. your sweet Personal Early Bird Gifts Chrissie...well done!