Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mix and match

We decided to have a family day out with DD and DS and returned to Guadalest yesterday not realising it was the last day of their fiesta, so what is usually a busy place was absolutely brimming. The several processions included a band which escorted the crowned Queen and her followers to the church in the upper village, reached only by foot, climbing up the mountain steps, then paraded through the narrow streets down into the lower village. A fire was built just to the right of the picture where they proceeded to prepare a huge paella for the villagers. These pans are about 4 ft and you see these pans strapped to the sides of a van as they proceed around the various fiestas.

Today the secret magic garden was open. Various structures, stone birds, eagles, owls etc are nestled amongst the foliage so you can stand and stare and still find something else to see.
The upward view is straight up the top of the mountain, I bought some wall art that I had seen on our last visit, which I was very pleased with.

How about this little cutie - DD's cat had 6 kittens in May and this little one was the tiniest, he is still much smaller than his 2 sisters (the ones we have left) but just as inquisitive, after a hard morning's play it was time to relax.
EBCC - Another gift - a spiral beaded necklace using #11 seed beads

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