Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Fun at the fiesta - Saturday night - The band have set up and gone to have their meal whilst families and friends take a place at the tables and eat their picnics. You can see how a sleepy little plaza is teaming with people. Most of the tables are then cleared away to make room for the dancing. The church is open throughout with people popping in and out, spending a quiet few minutes.
Another fiesta is being held in the local town which is much larger and even louder with bands playing until 5.30am, this one runs all week. Here they also do the traditional bull running in the streets, (something I personally wouldn't want to see) most of the businesses take this opportunity to close, so most things grind to a halt and you have to just wait until September.

I really enjoy doing stumpwork. This project was originally printed in the Inspirations magazine a few years ago. I started the project, but decided to change the pattern from a hummingbird to a Blue tit, as living in Devon at the time, these were frequent visitors to our bird feeder.

During our move I misplaced the pattern and only recently managed to find and download another pattern from Country Bumpkin. So tatdaa here it is finished at last.

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  1. Hi Chrissie,
    I am IN LOVE with this stumpwork project you did. Do you remember where you got the patterns and/or instructions?