Tuesday, August 3, 2010


This weekend was our fiesta, three days of festivities. The age group is right across the spectrum, from Great grandparents to babies, and everyone is well behaved and just enjoy the atmosphere. It is very well organised with the arrival of tables and chairs and a refreshment kiosk, free beer throughout, with watermelon, traditional fare, olives, beans etc all supplied. The plaza is transformed with bunting and streamers and everyone brings their picnics then about 11 o/c pm the music begins. This year all the bands were excellent and each night a different style of music was played, on Sunday we were treated to a couple who were obviously professional ballroom dancers, excellent. Everyone dances, it really is a family affair. The amazing thing is that at the end of each night, even at 3.30am, everything is put away, swept and cleaned you wouldn't know up to 500 people who been there.

The music continues well into the early hours Saturday finishing at 3.30am but Sunday was earlier 2am! No sleep as its far too noisy and the sound reverbrates around the mountains and valleys.

Below is Santa Barbara - after the church service on Sunday, she is carried out and paraded around the plaza with people following before returning to the church. Afterwards there are races for the various age groups followed by iced lemon drinks and traditional almond cake. The flowers in the church were beautiful, orchids and lillies were prevelent.

On Monday everything is collected, the bunting removed everything cleaned, just as though it hadn't happened.
Below are some of our tomato crop - a traditional spanish variety known as a campo tomato, very juicy and sweet and they are excellent for roasting and making into passata.

Yesterday I managed a little stitching, making this teapot for one cozy. It is called the Sleepy cat and the free pattern came from www.bustleandsew

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  1. Hello, great to see some of the cultural life you are leading.... looks so festive.
    Fat Cat Tea Cosy is lovely - I have noted the pattern - thanks.... Hugz