Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cool cats

Not much stitching going on, it's a bit too hot, in the cooler courtyard this morning at 9am it was 29 c already, more time in the pool and chilling out. Even the kittens were seeking a cool spot as seen here with their mum.

I have been working on a design for another stumpwork project, I don't usually do this as I make it evolve as it goes, but always a first!? Stumpwork always takes (me) a long time, so this will definately be a WIP. I usually have a few things on the go at once as I like to mix and match, you know how it is, you see something and must have a go lol.

I have been wandering around in blogland and found so many wonderful places with so much inspiration and creativity, lovely eye candy. Must find the get up and go that seems to have gone, fingers starting to itch (must be a good sign)


  1. That picture is so cute...... cats in a pot.... sending coolness your way.......... Hugz

  2. Love the photo of the cool cats!!!