Thursday, August 26, 2010

My little helper

Managed a few little jobs outside before the heat built up then it was straight in the pool. How time flies, DS has been here nearly three weeks, he has rediscovered the delights of having tea made in a pot rather than dunked in a mug. So his first request was for a tea cozy, all done and sorted, then he asked for a draught excluder for his new flat. He selected his fabric from my stash, and I began........ everything was fine until I sat at the machine and one little furry bundle decided to be my helper, with her motor going full pelt she was happy to sit until.... the long piece of fabric began to move, then it was a free for all, so with one hand smoothing her and the other guiding it was done. Ok yes I know I could have put her on the floor, but we are trying to encourage togetherness, her timing was out that's all.

I realised it's been over three years now since I have bought any fabric. I'm not sure a very gaudy brightly coloured shirt to reinvent from the charity shop counts. I haven't managed to locate a source here and although I could order via internet there is nothing like seeing and feeling, also there are so many new fabrics, as I have seen looking around blogland, it's difficult to know where to start.

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  1. I'm with DS - loose tea leaves in a pot tastes much nicer............ Hugz