Saturday, August 28, 2010

Cheese plant

Today , Friday, was the hottest day so far, we reached 38C but being up in the mountains we were a couple of degrees cooler with some reports of 44C, but it wasn't humid so we were able to sit in the courtyard crafting.
DD had been sorting her wardrobe out and discarded various T shirt type tops, so I was sitting cutting these up and sewing the ends together to make a 'yarn' ready to crochet. DH decided to make a cheese plant for our miniature room box. In fact he made two as I want one for my miniature garden, which is very much a WIP. The little mat is one I designed a little while ago using 22hpi canvas and cross stitch.

DD and DS came back from their shopping trip in the afternoon and we all spent an enjoyable time in the pool

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