Thursday, August 19, 2010

Weird weather

This was our sunset last night, absolutely as we saw it, no clever camera tricks! it really looked as though we were looking at two different skies.

This was our view this morning over looking the valley, one storm had already passed with the usual power trips Everything was clear then the mist rolled in and the storm began, although it was short lived. The rain has been gratefully received helping to moisten the tinder dry under growth and our veggie patch.

EBCC - These drinks coasters are destined for someone special who is currently enbarking on a career change of animal carer and healer. Couldn't resist the little bones

My project for the challenge - I started with one of Val Laird's BOM's changed it slightly, added beads for the little hearts then padded the main hearts. The little paper heart holds a necklace and has room to put little keepsakes.


  1. Hi there, that first sky picture is amazing isn't it? I love the bone hexies and the heart stitchery.... I have done no Christmas gifts this month!!! alas, alas!!

  2. Fabulous sunset photo and love the cushion

  3. Hi Chrissie

    Love what you have done with the Gifts of Grace block. Do you mind if I share your photo on my blog some time?


  4. Hi your Early Bird work; well done!
    Kind Regards

  5. Wow that sunset is really strange. Wonderful that you got a photo of it. Just love your EBCC finishes. The cushion is really lovely.