Monday, September 5, 2016


Just about 20k away on the Cumbre del Sol, a large urbanisation, a fire started yesterday afternoon, this was controlled and extinguished. Then suddenly everything hit the fan as the whole mountain seemed to be on fire with huge plumes of black smoke engulfing everything.

More fires started, raging and tearing a great speeds all along the forest areas and into the urbanisations. The water planes were called and continued until it was to dark and unsafe to fly, this meant it was only ground crews. It spread, it was wild, frightening and unbelievable.
The fires were also in the densely populated areas of Javea and Benitachel, gas containers were blowing up, urgent requests for help evacuating 20 horses and other animals and so many areas evacuated sometimes at great speed as the fires roared onwards.

We have local weather and fire groups on facebook, people so scared, displaced, others living back in the UK but with property friends and relatives here, frantic trying to find out what was happening, but it is
a brilliant site giving second by second info from people on the ground along with official news.

Daylight was prayed for and immediately the planes and helicoptors were back up, collecting water from the sea or peoples pools which ever was the nearest, more evacuations, more flare ups, at one stage there were over 420 personnel on the ground including the army and 20 aircraft dropping water, in what seemed a never ending struggle, torn between which area to cover first, its that huge. Now loss of electricity is complicating matters along with the ash and red hot embers falling

Some of the fires have been controlled, but we have just heard that another area, the Montgo now has a fire and others are springing back up again threatening all over again. Soon they will have to stand the aircraft down, then what?

There was another fire in the valley yesterday behind our bernia range, but that was controlled and put out, but then today it seems it has reignited itself and we have plumes of smoke being blown towards us with ash falling from the sky, they have fire crews and 4 planes helping, I can hear them flying around now.
Now its getting close and scary

We are having very hot dry winds coming up from Morroco and the temp in our shady courtyard has reach 38C

The devestation is hard to believe, people are not allowed to return to property as its too risky, pets have gone missing, it´s just too awful for words, but the community spirit is there with people offering any help they can, including accommodation and pulling together .
We are advised to have our evac-packs ready just in case as notice to go could be very fast

But you know the worst of all this is, it is being reported that this is arson with two teenages being arrested but as more of these fires are springing up they think there are more of them. I have no words polite or otherwise, that can convey all our feelings if this is the case.
I also have not put up any photos because I find it all just too upsetting
where ever you are take care


  1. That's absolutely terrible and to think that it could have so easily been avoided. I have no words for people who do such mindless things. Stay safe, my thoughts are with you, your family and neighbours.

  2. fires are just so terrifying and temperamental. they can change so quick... I'm thinking of you and your community a lot....

  3. Thanks Jo, really scarey, we have one winding road up the mountain and with 9 cats it doesnt bear thinking about xcx

  4. You are so right, the winds keep changing so does the direction of the fire xcx

  5. So very sad and frightening. I hope that all will be OK and that you will be safe and alright too. All good thoughts to you. xx