Tuesday, September 13, 2016


I´ve written my speech..........about 6 minutes long, not too bad, just got to get through it without choking up lol
Finished the toast glasses too, rather pleased with them (piccies later)

Daniel, Shine, Leocia and Maia arrived late yesterday afternoon
Whoa......Leocia was a huge ball of bouncy energy
Into everything
oohing at the furries, who all kept their distance except Thomas
who just carried on as normal
Half her dinner on the dining room floor
But she did settle a bit when I set the playmat out and produced some toys
Maia, well she has grown in the last month since I last saw her, but she is very sweet natured

We did have a little flurry on Sunday as they suddenly requested a bottle sterilizer
after web searches and asking around I managed to hire one for a reasonable price
and they delivered up here and will collect so I was more than impressed

I suddenly decided that after all the flower making I was going to have some too
so I have selected a gardinia and two roses to make into a little corsage
that still leaves 57 flowers for the table decorations so that´s enough
Must remember to take lots of pics
take care


  1. Exciting, not long to go now. It sounds like you're going to have your hands full though with Leocia, they're in to everything at that age and certainly keep you on your toes.

  2. Absolutely, hidden keys to cabinets, have to remember where I´ve put them! she is not very good at listening to the word no, but that will come. they also don´t come with a volumn control! xcx

  3. oh gosh... so much to do - glad the speech is sorted though...