Monday, September 26, 2016

Stunning day

The wedding day dawned and what an absolutely stunningly beautiful day
We had family arriving since the previous Sunday with more Wednesday, the same for Rebecca
there were a few last minute challenges
A trip to the florist with all our decorations, beaded flowers, bird cages and table decorations

I arrived at Rebecca´s for 8.30 ready for the hairdressers
There were two of them and they very skillfully attended to all 6 of us.
We did have a little wind up as we were waiting to dress and get Rebecca ready when we had a phone call saying the venue wasn´t ready, Chris hadn´t been able to set the gear up and the florist had not been allowed in on time...................
So although we were all ready and waiting to go we had to wait for the call which meant we were an hour late! If that didn´t do anything for the butterflies then nothing would

We were greeted at the venue and served tiny purple vodka shots
maybe for dutch courage but it was a surprise.

The bridesmaids were delighted with their jewellry sets and even more with their wands especially when they realised they were for keepsakes

The two younger ones sat down but these four stood waiting to contribute to the ceremony and say a poem

The happy couple with their special glasses for the toasts

We have so many photos and videos in various different places that I am finding it difficult to locate them, so bear with me and there will be more to come
just thought you might like a tiny taster
take care


  1. Congratulations to the wonderful newlyweds!!! I hope that they have a very long, happy and wonderful marriage!! It looks as though the wedding was fabulous. xx

    1. Thanks Amy, the wedding was wonderful, we are still awaiting the photos so more soon xcx

  2. How beautiful Chrissie!! A truly wonderful day for you and your family!! Congratulations to the bride and groom!


    Amanda xx

    1. Thanks Amanda, it was such a magical time, we didn´t go to bed till around 4oclock, catching up with friends and just still on a high xcx

  3. oh just wonderful.... it looks amazing and so glad it all went well, even if a bit later than planned... Rebecca made a stunning bride and you a beautiful mother of the bride....

  4. Thank you Fiona, we had organised two of our friends to have our video cameras and they also took stills but we haven´t got them back yet, so look out for more piccies xcx