Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The wedding

We designed, printed and assembled the confetti boxes.  We used the initials from the wedding invitation to coordinate everything
We then filled them with a mix of rose petals and bougainvillea petals that I have been drying for months.

A shower of confetti, see the video

Here is the link for the bridal party entrance

During the ceremony the tradition of Hand fasting was performed

It was hot so the fans were very useful, and the tissues!

This table held the bird cage for the cards along with the album we created from their wedding in Gibraltar and the memory box. There is also a large jar of money, lots of change and some notes. At the beginning of the year I saw a good idea of a way of saving money, your put one cent in a jar for every day of the year, ie 1 cent for Jan 1st building up so 10 cents for day 10 etc etc, by doing this you don´t really notice but it soon mounts up, obviously by the end of the year it gets a bit more expensive.  I had the idea for a little bit of fun by inviting everyone to guess the amount in the jar for the honeymoon fund and there was a little gift for the winner. Two guests were really close within a few euros of the correct amount

 The back drop was hand painted by a friend
I made these two special toasting glasses for them

The tables were very pretty, some had vases with gyp and beaded flowers, others lanterns, candles and a bird cage 

Amethyst guest favours

 Beautiful cake, scrummy too, the butterflies and lace were all edible

A finger print tree for all the guests
Time to stop now, more another day
take care


  1. Many congratulations to the happy couple. It looks like a perfect day, I think you thought of everything, it all looks fabulous. Rebecca looks every inch the radiant bride and her dress is just beautiful. I bet there wasn't a dry eye in the place.

    1. Thanks Jo, the packets of tissues certainly were useful. Just such a shame it all went by far too quickly xcx

  2. Beyond impressive Chrissie!!! What a wonderful event!!!

    Amanda xx

  3. Hi Amanda, thank you, we did try! every one said it was a wonderful wedding xcx

  4. It all looks so beautiful Chrissie, lots of work and s worthwhile...

    1. Hi Fiona, so pleased it all pulled together on the day xcx