Friday, September 9, 2016

Wedding wand

The main fires have more or less been put out now, but some hot spots are flaring up.  Another one suddenly happened in Gata De Gorgos at a waste dispoal site, then in forest land near Lliber, all random and probably suspicious!.
Other places have had fires too, but it seems to have gone quiet now, thank goodness, no more!
They are threatening storms for mid next week, one half of me says great we need it desperately especially to fill the reserviours, but the other part says Noooo, guests start to arrive Sunday and through the week, and of course the wedding...................

On a much nicer note, thought you might like to see close ups of Rebecca´s wedding wand she had for Gibraltar

Have completed two smaller ones for the flower girls and 1 of the bridesmaids, 5 to go....

Not really panicking, honest..................
take care


  1. That's beautiful, wow, all those beads. Glad to hear that things are starting to calm down now but everyone must still be on tenterhooks with random fires starting up.

  2. Thank you Jo, although I am beginning to think I do not mind if I don´t make another beaded flower for a while lol. Everyone is on tenderhooks yes, couple more today but well under control. Complete ban on bbq´s etc, but some holiday makers are not getting the message, so the weather fire watch team have put together posters to help inform everyone. enjoy your weekend xcx

  3. Glad to hear the fires are subsiding - it's been so unbearably hot everywhere but fortunately for us, no fires.
    Keep calm and hope all goes beautifully for the wedding! It will. It'll be wonderful. Axxx

    1. Hi Annie, lovely to hear from you, so glad you have escaped any fires, quite horrible. I´m sure it all will fall into place, and at the end of the day no one else will know if anything hasn´t been made or decorated or whatever so we are taking a chill pill and coordinating movements and appointments. Guests start arriving tonight very late flight, so all is good xcx

  4. Glad the fires all under control, storms wont be great but a bit of rain would freshen it all up maybe. the wand is just lovely and I will be thinking of you all with the wedding coming up... so exciting

  5. Hi Fiona, they seem to have changed their minds about the storms, one minute they are saying rain for the weekend then not, we will get what we are given! I am going to incorporate the wand in the birdcage for the cards xcx