Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Just a little update on yesterdays post.
The horrendous fire in Javea and surrounding areas appears to have been all but put out or under control, although flare ups keep happening due to the ground being so hot, the weather and winds
Unfortunately the second fire over Tarbana way behind our Bernia mountain has spread
The water planes have been flying since first thing this morning, but the wind keeps changing
It has crept up the Bernia and we have seen flames at the top
It also spread along heading towards Jalon, but we are told the army has been deployed to help

The ash is falling again and we are keeping our fingers crossed they get it under control, of course another problem is some of  the terrain being inaccessable, so when the planes can no longer fly that´s when it can get a hold again.
So want this to be over
take care


  1. I've been wondering how you're going on so I'm glad of the update. It doesn't sound like an all clear yet but fingers crossed that they get it under control soon. There must be so much damage, I really feel for those who have lost so much, and all because of some mindless individuals.

  2. Hi, thanks for following. Our neighbour has just been up to the top of the Bernia where she was met with thick smoke raining ashes but no flames! The army are up there with the police, bomberos and teams the road down the other side of the mountain has been closed too. The wind seems to have changed in the last 5 minutes and is heading back down toward the town of Jalon. The devestation is awful, everything black, peoples villas melted in Javea, so so sad. I hope they throw the book at the culprits xcx

  3. Take care...... scary and that smoke makes it feel worse I think...

    1. Hi Fiona, yes it does and you know with the wind that you are the mercy of the elements and the bomberos xcx

  4. Keep taking care and being safe, and I hope that everyone else who lives there and is working on the fires is too. Hope it will all be out very soon. xx

    1. Thanks Amy, we have a document pack ready and a pile of things to throw in a bag if needs be xcx

  5. Jeez Chrissie....how very frightening!! I have been closely watching the local news as well as I have friends in that area. It hasn't reached their villa thank goodness.

    How can anyone do this!!! I so hope they catch them.!!!
    Take care!!!
    Amanda xx

    1. Hi Amanda, it is now being said that the teenages were paid, leading to speculation of the land grab law enabling building on forest land. Although Valencia have stated they will not allow this, thank goodness.
      Very frightening as you say xcx